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18 - 29/06/2021

Lake Malta 'META'

For few years Malta Lake is a place where takes place main concert during Malta Festival Poznań.

For few years near Malta Lake we organize concerts like Faith no More, Portishead, Manu Chao. This year we invite you to participate in Michael Nyman Band show!

In 1995, when Michael Nyman visited the Malta Festival for the first time, his only regret was that his concert had not been staged in the settings of Lake Malta. Two decades later, the British composer’s and pianist’s wish is about to come true. On 27 June, Michael Nyman and his band will give a Malta Festival performance at Lake Malta. The concert will be a symbolic journey to the beginnings of the Malta Festival Poznań, and also, a unique opportunity to hear the writer of soundtracks to Peter Greenaway films and to Jane Campion’s The Piano perform some of his film compositions live. Admission to the headline music event of the 25th anniversary edition of the Malta Festival Poznań will be free.