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18 - 29/06/2021

  • Duration: 2 hours (walking and cooking together)
    Meeting point: by the Bogdanka river, by the playground (walk), Wieniawski Park (culinary workshops)

    "Old Polish" cuisine is associated with excessive amounts of meat, dishes that entered the classics through the side door, not entirely legal and, what is more, contrary to the reality of how you used to eat in the past. Due to the restrictions imposed by fasting (for all strata of society) and the low-meat diet of the lower strata of society, for most of the year, the kitchen of the inhabitants of today's Poland was meatless, and moreover, it often completely eliminated animal products. Veganism reached Poland and became popular only in the 21st century? Nothing could be more wrong. The diet was also rich in wild, edible plants, although there is no point in romanticizing this phenomenon. It was often associated with starvation cooking, e.g. in the pre-harvest season, when last year's supplies were running out and the crops had not yet grown.

    We will start the workshop with a walk - we will find plants that can be safely picked and added to your menu, introducing a touch of history to the kitchen. Later, we will prepare wild dishes together, in a vegan version - truly Old Polish.

    Workshops for people over 16 years of age.

    Hosted by: Ruta Pindyrynda / Dziewczyny w naturze

  • DZIEWCZYNY W NATURZE – an association promoting knowledge in the field of art, ethnobotany, eco-feminism and ecology. They are co-created by Sara Grolewska and Ruta Pindyrynda.

    RUTA PINDYRYNDA – cultural worker, art historian, graduate of herbal medicine at the Medical University in Poznań, student of cultural anthropology at the Adam Mickiewicz University. Producer and curator of cultural events, including the Żywa River cultural and natural cycle in 2018-2020, the Poznań Legend Trail for Children, culture animator. The author of the concept and conductor of numerous ethnobotanical workshops carried out in Poznań and Greater Poland: at the Malta Festival, the Floralia Festival, the Kraina Olimpia project at the Robocza Stage Theater Residence Center. Member of the Dziewczyny w Naturze Association. Member of the Oks association, (formerly Inner Art), co-creator of the 3rd edition of the Outer Spaces / Urban Forest murals festival.