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18 - 29/06/2021

collage Olga Beyga
Gallerycollage Olga Beyga
  • We invite the inhabitants of Naramowice, the settlements of Stefan Batory and Jan III Sobieski to the place, objects, nature, they would miss the transfer if they disappeared in favor of the Naramowice open pits. Places to be arranged on the map by the originator of the project.

    Did you know that the Naramowice field, located in the north of Poznań, is on the map in the Central Geological Database?

    Visible for investors and authorities to learn about the access to known information that has access to information on their side. Experts, like colonizers, draw straight lines on maps, regardless of the historical boundaries of districts or the nature of the place. What if they take the victory to exploit the deposit in Poznań? - asks Paula Kaniewska, author of the project "Poznań mining zone" awarded in the Zaklepane / Ground Rules competition as part of the Malta Generator

    When I budget the Poznań coal deposit on geological maps, I was surprised. Why mark them in implementation? After all, it cannot be extracted. However, I thought of the logic of the map, which the geological results are in fact unaffected. The deposit continues and the city may disappear.

    I would like there to be a possibility of the unrest that arranged the maps. I am asking for a difficult thing, to imagine that the decision to extract coal has been made and that you also have to leave your homes. Although we can work with the imagination, it cannot be carried out with real compulsion to help unite with people who, in Poland and in the world, may bear traces of the signs of raw material extraction.

    A loss exercise 

    1. Click on the link: http://bit.ly/strefawydobycia. The map will open with the Naramowice deposit marked in red. If you are using a phone, locate yourself on the map and see how far you are from the red field.

    2. Go for a walk in the deposit area.

    3. Imagine that the streets and houses around you will soon turn into an opencast mine.

    4. What are you feeling?

    5. Take a picture of the place you would like to remember.

    6. You can title the photo or add a comment to it.

    7. Write whether the photo should be published anonymously or signed with your name and surname.

    8. Send the whole thing with the exact location of the place (it can be the geolocation of the photo or the address) to the e-mail: strefa.wydobycia@gmail.com

    The photos will be added to the deposit map on Google Maps, available at the link: https://paulakaniewska.com/strefa-wydobycia

    You will be able to see what places other participants of the project would like to keep in mind. The map of emotions of residents and residents will also be a counterweight to the objective and "insensitive" geological map.

    Photos can be uploaded from May 14 to June 29.

    By uploading a photo to the project, you grant a non-exclusive license to use it. By participating in the project, you accept its regulations: https://paulakaniewska.com/s/Strefa_wydobycia_regulamin.pdf


    At the end of the work "Poznań mining zone" by Paula Kaniewska on June 22, 2021, a walk-manifest against the creation of an opencast mine in Naramowice will be held. Participants will walk along the edge of the Poznań opencast mine to protest against the destruction of the urban and natural environment. During the protest, they will talk about the costs of extracting raw materials that are borne by local communities around the world.

    Organizer: Malta Foundation
    The festival was organized with financial support: Miasto Poznań, Samorząd Województwa Wielkopolskiego, Starostwo Poznańskie