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18 - 29/06/2021

  • Trio Targanescu, or Audiovisual Nomads is a musical performance, an emotional journey accompanied by stage images created by visual artists from Poznań and an exuberant trio of musicians. The show is part of the celebration of the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, the patron saints of Poznań. Trio Targanescu uses the energy flow between the audience and the stage, improvising to create amazing worlds of music.

  • script and direction: Piotr TETLAK
    graphic animation: Jakub PSUJA
    music: Katarzyna KLEBBA (skrzypce, altówka), Paweł PALUCH (fagot, kontrafagot, surna), Arnold DĄBROWSKI (fortepian), gościnnie: Julia Ulman (piano)
    vocal: Monika BELAU, Agata WAWRZYNIAK
    scenographic objects: Dobrawa DECZKOWSKA, Dariusz Minta, Wojciech PAWLICZUK, Jakub PSUJA, Martyna STACHOWCZYK, Piotr TETLAK, Krzysztof URBAN
    costumes: Natalia REJSZEL, Ewa TETLAK
    conducting: Paweł STACHOWCZYK
    idea and artistic direction: Piotr TETLAK
    producer: Ewa Tetlak
    coordinator: Marta Pautrzak
    production: Teatr Asocjacja 2006 / Fundacja Asocjacji 2006