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18 - 29/06/2021

  • Since the relationship between oneself and the world is reciprocal, it is not a question of enlightenment or salvation first, and then of acting. When we work to heal the earth, it heals us.

    - Robin Wall Kimmerer, Song of the Earth. Core wisdom, scientific knowledge, and lessons from nature.

    Mainstream narratives today talk about the Earth as a resource to be exploited, "something" that belongs to man. Forests became the production of wood, livestock farming - meat factories, fields - monocultures for fodder. The human-Earth relationship in Western thinking is transactional, objectifying. Perhaps the current global problems arise from the way we exist in the world?

    During the readings, we will listen to the voices of indigenous inhabitants of colonized areas (North America, South America, Australia) about their relationship with the planet Earth: based on mutual care, responsibility for each other and sensitivity to coexistence with others, also non-human. We will talk about their points of view. About other possibilities of coexistence in the world and our limitations in imagining them. About the causes and ways of dealing with the global crisis. About the emotions that accompany us in it.

    Climate Readings is a series of meetings around texts on the climate and ecological crisis. At the beginning of each meeting, willing people summarize and discuss the articles, then we move on to the discussion part. Thanks to this, people who have not had the opportunity to read the entire material can easily join the conversation. We usually choose texts and divide roles in the "Planetarians and Planetarians" group, to which we cordially invite you! There, too, we can continue the discussion between meetings and share articles, memes and ideas.

    Reading suggestions:

    Robin Wall Kimmerer - Thanksgiving address
    An invitation to radical tenderness, Dani d'Emilia, Vanessa de Andreotti
    House of modernity - GTDF
    Sand Talk "Romancing the Stone Age"

    The meeting will take place at a table in the Wieniawski Park.