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18 - 29/06/2021

photo by Wojtek Kaniewski
Galleryphoto by Wojtek Kaniewski
  • Warm-Ups. Join us at the morning warm-up! It will let us refocus on our bodies – we have been slowly forgetting about their tangible existence. In the frame of dance warm-up you can join Zofia Tomczyk during the morning movement practice and Krystyna “Lama” Szydłowska who will teach walking classes for beginners. Maria Stokłosa will let you experience movement as a way of being together. Magda Przybysz will offer shameless guilty pleasure classes, while Paweł Sakowicz will let you try an intense jumping practice. The programme was created by the Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk in the frame of Grand re Union.

    This year we also propose circus warm-ups on earth, above earth, on the grass and in the air. You can take part in Latające obiekty [Flying objects] – warm-ups with discus and juggling, allowing you to test yourself during various activities with frisbee, learn how to juggle and dance with hula hoop. Miękkie lądowanie [Soft landing] will be an opportunity to gain flexibility and develop your coordination during acrobatics classes. We will play softly in-between trees, in a park, on the grass, close to the ground, above the ground, with the wind and against it.

  • Paweł Sakowicz - a choreographer and a dancer. Creates choreographic performances, and collaborates with theater and film directors. Currently, he is particularly interested in issues of cultural appropriation in choreography. Author of works: TOTAL, Jumpcore, Thriller (together with Anna Smolar), Masakra i Drama. He showed his performances, among others during three editions of the Polish Dance Platform, the Divine Comedy festival, La Biennale de danse du Val-de-Marne, at NYU Skirball in New York and CAC in New Orleans.