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18 - 29/06/2021

photo by Katarzyna Motek
Galleryphoto by Katarzyna Motek
  • The Vegetable. An unpredictable story of a clown who decides to… cook something. He has no culinary experience, so he doesn’t really know how and what to cook. But that’s not his only problem. There also the vegetables... the hostile matter that children hate! Can ‘yuck’ become ‘yummy’? Performer, juggler, clown and teacher of circus arts Kamil Malecki invites all fussy eaters to a fascinating cooking show for children aged from three to a hundred and three.

  • Kamil Malecki - performer, juggler, clown, circus teacher. Since 2008, he has been associated with circus pedagogy and the art of fire. Juggling and clown trainer since 2012. He believes that people in every part of the world laugh the same, and a smile travels really far and comes back to us with double strength. He has been dealing with the character of Jarzyna since 2019.