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18 - 29/06/2021

illustration by Anna Kędziora
Galleryillustration by Anna Kędziora
  • Kwiaciarnia is a collection point for plants rescued from investment zones around the city. In exchange for a story about municipal nature visitors will get a plant selected especially for them along with a pack of botanical information, a description of the medicinal properties of the plant, the legends and customs associated with it and the story of the plant. “Wild” plants rejected from the city will be offered a chance of getting a new lease of life.

  • Anna Kędziora – a visual artist, curator, assistant professor at the Photography Department of the University of Arts. The axis of her creative research is landscape understood as a process and network of relations between people and a place in various contexts - historical, social, ecological. Her main medium is photography and photographic thinking, she also uses video, installations and ceramics. She presented her works at exhibitions and conferences in Poland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Greece, Wales, Sweden, Indonesia, Korea, Belarus, Lithuania and Slovakia. Scholarship holder of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Province for 2021.