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18 - 29/06/2021

  • Together with an organising committee made up of neighbours, aviators and fire fighters we invite the residents of Poznań to the beautiful park of Głuszyn to take part in a series of exciting activities including a micro expedition to the Głuszynka valley, artistic and sports animations for children and adults, presentations of local artists and musicians, a fire truck show and a presentation of a pilot’s uniform. Let’s fly high together and take-off from reality into a world of dreams. Local eateries will provide food and refreshments during the picnic.

    The highlight of the picnic will be a concert by Fanfara Awantura – a crazy, ten-person-strong brass band that steals the traditional tunes from the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East and India only to mix them with the help of the inventions of 21st century music. The band transplants these traditional melodies into the Polish ground and blends them with the traditions of the Polish school of jazz and post-romantic references to Slavic melodics.