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18 - 29/06/2021

  • Spanish ultranationalists have a tradition of calling Catalans “polacos” (Poles). “The term was meant to be pejorative, but we accepted the nickname. We, the Catalans, are called Polacos – part jokingly, part politically. Appropriating words is something that marginalised groups often do. For those who do know what it is like to be treated as the Other, at the Catalan pavilion you can attend the Polacos party – a party with traditional food, drink music and a great atmosphere”.


    Welcome, my friends, to the Catalan Pavilion

    Where every Polaco is welcome

    This is a place for everyone

    Where everything’s possible

    If you’re reading this… you probably are a Polaco too

    And good news here: this is a Polacos Party


    We’ll be having with us some more friends

    Come free and enjoy our company and



    Patrycja Rozwora 11 – 12 Radio conversation

    What happens when you look at the post Soviet area and Catalan Countries contexts from a postcolonial perspective? This question will be the starting point for a conversation on history, stories, power, language, food and music with artist and writer Patrycja Rozwora, founder of Kitchen Conversations, a podcast devoted to the relation, interest and urgency to create within the framework of the post-Soviet sphere.

    Katarzyna Wojtczak 13 – 15 Culinary workshop

    Alltogether we will learn about, prepare, and eat traditional Catalan food: fuet i pa amb tomàquet, fideuà with allioli and romesco, samfaina… 

    Food not bombs Poznan 15 – 17 Join your local Polacos

    Every Sunday, at 4 PM on Półwiejska Street, next to the Marych monument, Poznan collective of Food not Bombs prepares some stuff to eat –hot vegan meals– and provides with hygiene products, breads, clothes as well as vegetables and fruits. Come and join an international network practicing the direct action of handing out meals to the unprivileged.

    Catalan Studies department in Adam Mickiewicz University 19 Poetry reading

    Poetry is not about verse, rhytm nor even words, but rather a way of perceiving the world. Students and professors of Catalan language and literature in UAM will read Catalan poems translated to Polish, and Polish poems in Catalan. Come and read yours!


    –After this, we’ll have some dance and music–

    For those otherized

    For those persecuted

    For those marginalised