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18 - 29/06/2021

graphic: Luca Spano
Gallerygraphic: Luca Spano
  • What is the value of visual property in the age when images come before reality and when the material world exists in the visual tissue? In the Sale at First Sight project Luca Spano explores the relationship between what we see and what we call reality. Can the Earth become a visual estate, or (un)real property to own in the form of an image? Everything will eventually be sold, so come and buy a real picture. Hurry up! First come, first served!


    Narrative text

    Seat, talk, question, elaborate. Speed Dialogue is a participatory workshop based on non-linear thinking practices, where the participant is immersed in an evolving process of questioning and reframing his/her point of view.

    You will sit on one side of a table. You will talk with a progression of people about the workshop topic “What is an image?”. You will move and change your seat. Every time you sit at a new table, you will approach the conversation with questions and knowledge acquired from the previous interactions, leading to an evolutive confrontation and the construction of a multi-perspective view.

    This is just the beginning of the process you will be a key part of. Other creative steps are involved, but you will discover them only by joining us. The only things you need to bring to the table are your brain and your vocal cords. They will be challenged.