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18 - 29/06/2021

  • The participants of street demonstrations express their demands mainly with their bodies and often theatricalise their actions. What determines the intensity of this theatricalization? Age? Country? Specific demands? How does the style of demonstrations change from country to country? What is accepted in Poland and what in the United States, France or Brazil? What unites people more? The pursuit of a specific political goal or the actual participation in a collective anti-system happening?



    In 2020, a wave of social protests spread around the world. The killing of George Floyd provoked huge anti-racist demonstrations in the United States. In Belarus, the rigged elections led to protests against Lukashenko. And in Poland, the ruling of the Constitutional Court tightening the abortion law triggered the 2020 women’s strikes. Despite the raging pandemic and lockdown, thousands of people took to the streets to demonstrate resistance to the unjust practices of state authorities. But resistance does not always have to take the form of street demonstrations. Sometimes it is expressed in everyday gestures and rituals that help restore a human dimension to a world marked by conflict. Resistance can be private or public, temporary or permanent, local or global.

    During this year's Forum, we will discuss the strategies of resistance movements, with particular emphasis on the 2020 events. We will focus on their aesthetic aspect (public demonstrations can be treated as performative acts, whilst the very word movement implies fluidity and choreography). We will also examine their socio-political dimension.

    The debates and meetings will be moderated by journalists Karolina Lewicka (Radio TokFm) and Michał Nogaś (Gazeta Wyborcza).

    Program of the meetings: MOVEMENTS OF RESISTANCE

    18.06, 17:00, Community of the Outraged, Dorota Piontek, Marta Lempart, Krzysztof Podemski, Jakub Wygnański, Karolina Lewicka

    19.06, 17:00, The Street as a Stage, Dariusz Kosiński, Hanna Mamzer, Przemysław Sadura, Karolina Lewicka

    20.06, 17:00, Slavery in Poland, Kacper Pobłocki, Michał Rauszer, Karolina Lewicka

    21.06, 17:00, Who Is Jakub Szela?, Paweł Demirski, Radosław Rak, Michał Nogaś

    22.06, 17:00, A Guide to Anger, Przemysław Czapliński, Andrzej Leder, Michał Nogaś

    23.06, 17:00, Planetary Change, Paulina Kramarz, Jan Sowa, Michał Nogaś

    24.06, 17:00, Responsible for the City, Jan Mencwel, Michał Nogaś

    25.06, 17:00, A Poet of Resistance, Ryszard Krynicki, Michał Nogaś

    26.06, 17:00, Empowering Nature, Filip Springer, przedstawicielka Client Earth, Karolina Szczypek, Michał Nogaś

    27.06, 17:00, The New Middle Ages, Edwin Bendyk, Grzegorz Lewicki, Karolina Lewicka