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18 - 29/06/2021

fot. Ewelina Piguła
Galleryfot. Ewelina Piguła
  • Persist. In a rehearsal room, a group of actors is working on the characters of Peter, Paul, Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Looking at their protagonists’ shrouded lives, they evoke conflicts, passion, intense hopes and desires of the soul. Peter and Paul, linked by popular religious tradition, display two completely different approaches to spirituality. Between them, on a tension line, stands Mary Magdalene, who brings in a confusion of poetry, body language and the mystery of love that emanates from the earthly figure of Jesus

  • text and direction: Daria Anfelli
    translation: Lech Raczak
    scene design and costumes: Maria Magdalena Wawrzyńczyk
    music: Paweł Paluch
    concept and idea of the performance, artistic direction: Piotr Tetlak

    Karolina Miłkowska - Prorok
    Paweł Stachowczyk
    Mikołaj Fajfer

    coordinator, producer: Maria Magdalena Wawrzyńczyk
    production: Teatr Asocjacja 2006 / Fundacja Asocjacji 2006