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18 - 29/06/2021

Plac Marka is located on the premises of Poznań International Fair and belongs to the oldest part of the fair.

Entry: Bukowska street, gate No. 7

The audience of Malta Festival knows this place predominantly for original stars of international music. In 2007 people gathered at Plac Marka were bewitched by Sinead O’Connor’s voice and looks. In 2009 it hosted the concert of an American band, Nine Inch Nails, with queues of people waiting in front of the entrance a few hours before the group appeared on stage. It was also the venue of the concert ending the 19th edition of Malta Festival by Jane’s Addiction, the group playing music on the border of alternative rock, fink metal and hard rock.
Theatre shows which are of significance due to the audience’s reactions and perception also took place on the premises of Poznań International Fair. In 2010 the fair featured stars of Malta Festival’s Idiom: Flanders such as Jan Lauwers and Needcompany with their performance Sad face/Happy face and Jan Fabre with Another Sleepy Dusty Delta or Fumiyo Ikeda and Tim Etchells with In Pieces.