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18 - 29/06/2021

  • Workshops on the preparation of the most famous element of Spanish cuisine, traditional snacks - tapas. The name comes from the Spanish word tapa which means lid. Their story began with a slice of bread with cheese and ham, placed on top of a glass of wine to prevent the ingress of dust and flies. Depending on the region of Spain, tapas are prepared in different ways and with different ingredients. During the workshop we will focus on snacks from Catalonia. Workshops accompany activity "Polacos Party. Catalan Pavillion” as part of the project“ Zaklepane / Ground Rules ”.

    Workshop will take place on the platform under the fortress.

  • Oriola Fuster Cabrera – Catalan writer, poet, visual artist. This year's resident of the project Zaklepane / Ground Rules as part of the Generator Malta program Ziemia nieswoja.