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18 - 29/06/2021

  • “There are those who have a steady job, creditworthiness and the greatest happiness - living after their grandmother. We are under no illusions. There are no homes for people like us - ordinary young adults earning a room. In our city, a square meter of an apartment costs over PLN 10,000. PLN - if we hadn't eaten last year, we could have bought three square meters. Just enough to lie down and die on your own.

    The fortress will become our home for 48 hours. This is probably the only time in our lives when we will have a place of property without long-term financial obligations or tax in the form of deceased family members. For two days we want to live in this space - sleep in it, eat, read. We would like to start a conversation about the housing crisis, its individual and social dimensions, consequences and alternative ways of building a housing policy”.

    Maria Dutkiewicz, Karolina Wajman

    Projekt został wyłoniony w otwartym naborze do programu „Zaklepane/Ground Rules" w ramach Generatora Malta.

  • Maria Dutkiewicz - a graduate of artistic education at UAP with a specialization in drawing. Contestator of the obvious. He deals with visual, non-visual and interpersonal communication.

    Karolina Wajman - culture and media scholar. He is interested in the anthropology of visual culture and the art of new media. He photographs garbage, deals with communication, runs an Instagram account @selfie.strategy, will publish a related book in late spring.