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18 - 29/06/2021

photo by Klaudyna Schubert
Galleryphoto by Klaudyna Schubert
  • For the finale of this year’s Malta, we will listen to Polish jazz from the 1920s and 1930s: swing music and tangos written by Polish composers of international renown; hit songs from films, theatres and cabarets in modern arrangements. Jazz Band Młynarski-Masecki returns to the Malta Festival after two years when, in 2018, they mesmerised the audience in Plac Wolności. During the finale, the Malta Masks will also be awarded for significant contribution to the festival’s development, and as a surprise, we will see some special guest stars.

  • Marcin Masecki and Jan Emil Młynarski compensate for the lost opportunities of a whole generation of entertainment artists who, in the period of prosperity, had to flee, fight, perish, emigrate, irreparably orphaning Polish popular music. Their project is centered around the spirit of Adam Aston, the most outstanding pre-war Polish entertainment singer, and Henryk Wars - the most important Polish pre-war pianist, arranger and composer. The arrangements give the whole a completely new breath, making this music extremely contemporary.

    The team consists of:
    Jan Emil Młynarski - singing, banjola
    Marcin Masecki - piano, arranger, music director
    Jerzy Rogiewicz - drums
    Piotr Wróbel - suzaphone
    Tomasz Duda - saxophone
    Jarosław Bothur - saxophone
    Michał Fetler - saxophone